Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 0: scrutineering

A day of technical and administrative scrutineering. The competitors on the Tuareg Rallye are ready to get to grips with the 1700 kilometres of pistes and dunes that they must tackle between Nefta in the west, Matmata in the east, Gafsa in the north and Douz in the south.

The first day of competition tomorrow will show us how the drivers manage the soft sand in the south of Douz. It can be like hell on earth.

There are fiveteen different nationalities at the start. 170 Motobikes and 40 cars are racing. At the Sahara Douz-Hotel we have a big camp with a fascinating Rallye atmosphere. The actual peekyou.com rallye starts tomorrow a bit further south…more than 400 people and 200 vehicles have assembled here for the peekyou.com rallye . The service teams set up a huge area for last minute preparations.


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