Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: Polytimi’s report

Last day of the race today only 40 klm and my motorbike is running out of water. The mechanic suggested me not to start because it would be to risky for my bike. I decided to go on because I couldn’t miss the final stage. So I stopped several times to fill up with water and I finally succeed to reach the end.


Final results third woman and 27th overall!!!! I am so happy!!! Many thanks to Guillaume Martens and MACAD | RNS team and to all my sponsors for helping me live my dream…


The reward for my efforts…

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: The Final Dune Race

The fantastic last Stage was short, but the competitors had to climb a huge dune and the motobike pro’s an extra lake crossing. Really nice scenery for the final…
The Tuareg Rallye is famous for it’s dune climbing. But where were the dunes motorbikes are unable to climb? We don’t know. And so we changed the roll. Dune climbing this year was for the car drivers. The camera-crew was there! The roughly 2 hour long stage ended near the lake we passed on the first day. But you didn’t have to pass it, you had to cross it! Not a good idea for amateurs, so they drove directly from CP2 to the finish.

The final race after high noon was the last stage of the Tuareg Rallye 2013 and it ended with a show finish in the Oasis of the Hotel Sahara Douz.

Congrats to all the winners !!!

Motobike Pro:
1. Mark Smits 22:32 h
2. Ned Suesse 23:08 h
3. Kim de Rycker 23:54 h

Car Pro :
1. Koepp/Klein 23:46 h
2. Krüger/Kreiß 24:55 h
3. Ingels/Cornette 26:29 h

Motobike Amateur:
1. Luca Saporiti 15:52 h
2. Gintautas Igaris 16:14 h
3. Raffaele Bacchi 16:44 h

Car Amateur:
1. Gilges/Stricker 17:50 h
2. Kleer/Kleer 19:04 h
3. Della Barbera/Simechalle 19:10 h