Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 1: Edwards report

#86 Ed Taylor finally got his 300EXC running without boiling over:

#87 Tony Schattat’s team-mates who are all racing under the Macad banner and competing Malle Moto, were in a confident if slightly apprehensive mood before the start yesterday: form Left to Right: #24 Polytimi Kyriakopoulou, #22 Guillaume Martens and #86 Edward Taylor:

All of them suffered in some way during the first stage while Ed found for some reason he was struggling with a severe lack of power from his 300 EXC – not something you would usually attribute to that machine! Fortunately on the way back from refueling in the evening, Tony spotted that the tail pipe was glowing red hot with the heat, and after some investigation, it turns out Ed had bought a replacement front pipe that had an emissions restrictor welded inside – severely limiting the exhaust gas exit, and no doubt the cause of his constant over-heating problems… With a quick beg and a borrow around the bivouac, Ed found a German car team who were able to slice open the pipe, removed the offending gauze, and re-weld it together again overnight – result!

Tuareg Rally 2013 – preparing: 3 days before the start

Two members already arrived at Tunesia.

The other two members are already at the airport.
Tony and Edward at airport