Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: Polytimi’s report

Last day of the race today only 40 klm and my motorbike is running out of water. The mechanic suggested me not to start because it would be to risky for my bike. I decided to go on because I couldn’t miss the final stage. So I stopped several times to fill up with water and I finally succeed to reach the end.


Final results third woman and 27th overall!!!! I am so happy!!! Many thanks to Guillaume Martens and MACAD | RNS team and to all my sponsors for helping me live my dream…


The reward for my efforts…

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 6: Polytimi’s report

Sixth day of the race. 260 km in total: half in dunes and the second part of the stage very rocky.

The weather was very windy and riding the bike was very difficult indeed.. I managed to finish at last but I am really exhausted and I have pain all over my body.. The rally seems rather difficult for me.. Tomorrow is the last day of the race: a short one.. Lets finish!

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 2: Polytimi’s report

Second day of the race from Douz to Gafsa. More than 300 km in total. Hard session in a rocky terrain full of dust. I did well except for some unlucky moments.

Yesterday I was position Thirteen and first woman in amateurs category. Not bad for my first desert rally. A photo from today start in Douze:

Tomorrow we’ll ride all together in the Tarmac to Nefta.

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 1: Polytimi’s report

First day of the Tuareg rally and is really tough to drive in soft dunes. I made one round and I am really satisfied for myself !

Tomorrow is a big day of more than 300 km.. Douze to Gafsa… So my bike is ready and need to sleep..so see you after the race…:-)

Below a video impression of the Le Mans style start and the struggle in the dunes:

Tuareg Rally 2013 – preparing: 3 days before the start

Two members already arrived at Tunesia.

The other two members are already at the airport.
Tony and Edward at airport