Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: The Final Dune Race

The fantastic last Stage was short, but the competitors had to climb a huge dune and the motobike pro’s an extra lake crossing. Really nice scenery for the final…
The Tuareg Rallye is famous for it’s dune climbing. But where were the dunes motorbikes are unable to climb? We don’t know. And so we changed the roll. Dune climbing this year was for the car drivers. The camera-crew was there! The roughly 2 hour long stage ended near the lake we passed on the first day. But you didn’t have to pass it, you had to cross it! Not a good idea for amateurs, so they drove directly from CP2 to the finish.

The final race after high noon was the last stage of the Tuareg Rallye 2013 and it ended with a show finish in the Oasis of the Hotel Sahara Douz.

Congrats to all the winners !!!

Motobike Pro:
1. Mark Smits 22:32 h
2. Ned Suesse 23:08 h
3. Kim de Rycker 23:54 h

Car Pro :
1. Koepp/Klein 23:46 h
2. Krüger/Kreiß 24:55 h
3. Ingels/Cornette 26:29 h

Motobike Amateur:
1. Luca Saporiti 15:52 h
2. Gintautas Igaris 16:14 h
3. Raffaele Bacchi 16:44 h

Car Amateur:
1. Gilges/Stricker 17:50 h
2. Kleer/Kleer 19:04 h
3. Della Barbera/Simechalle 19:10 h

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 6: Douz – Matmata – Douz

Mark Smits won this stage in a fabulous time of 5:56 hours. He kept his cool and rose to the challenge from the very first day of the rallye. Second in this stage was Martin Fontyn (15 minutes after the stage winner) with Ondrej Klymciw coming in third (12 minutes behind Martin).
Ollie Lloyd wins the motorbike amateur category with a lead of 15 minutes over Luca Saporiti.

In the car pro category Team Krüger/Kreiß was in first position. He did a fabulous race with perfect navigation. Followed by Team Koepp/Klein in second place only 7 minutes behind. Team Danner/Zettl didn’t finished due to a technical problem.

The first place in the amateur groupe was taken by Team Della Barbara/Simechalle with a racing time of 6 hours 23 minutes and an advantage of 13 minutes over Team Gilges/Stricker. There is one day left and the pressure cranks up a notch.

The whole day was a special…270 k’s under the pressure of the very soft dunes, a long qued and tricky navigation …

This round stage was a mixture of dunes, sandy queds, dunes, sandy qued… until CP2.

Enough dunes! A stage through the Dahar Mountains was the next section. Bir Soltane marked the beginning of a long sandy qued section. Every 10 minutes you learned a new skill of how to find the best way. And we hope you didn’t assume that the vehicle in front of you had selected the best one.

At CP4 the stage ended for the amateurs. Pro’s drove through dunes and sandy pistes to Douz. Depending on your dune driving skills, this was maybe a long long day.

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 5: Nefta – Douz

bron: Tuareg-Live: Nefta – Douz

The longest stage by kilometres. In the first section you saw sandy pistes and a navigation section through the sharp hills north of Nefta. A great place for great photos. The second section was 100 kilometres of easy navigation on the north side of the Chott el Jerid. It looked easy but we hope you paid attention to the Roadbook.

North of Douz the Jebel Tebaga was crossed again. Cars and amateurs used the easier crossing. Motorbike Pro’s warmed up in some beautiful queds which ended in front of Sillespass. When you saw the big rocks you didn’t believe that you could manage the pass. And you were right, only a few managed it. But it was worth making the effort. Not only because of the great view at its top, but also because of the Valley of the Hundred Curves which followed.

Kim de Rycken wins this stage with a lead of 8 minutes. Mark Smits won two stages at this time in the motobike pro groupe and regained his place among the pretenders for the title. At this time, Rob Smit is the race leader.

At present, the car pro groupe is being opened by Team Oud/Luijckx, winner of yesterday’s stage. The Team Ingels/Cornette didn’t disappoint anyone in this day of racing.

Now in the motobike amateur category is the stage winner Ollie Lloyd, followed by Mart Meeru. The pressure cranks up a notch.

Team Gilges/Stricker dominated the car amateur race. The favourite team lived up to the expectations.

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 4: Star Wars

bron: Tuareg-Live: Star Wars

Today’s loop around Star Wars saw Mark Smit win the stage in the motobike pro class and the usual supporting cast of the Tuareg step up to the plate and take the top honours, together with talented rookies like Ned Suesse and Bart van Mieghem. The Preuss brothers were held with an oil leak just before the start. The service Team Kaiser fixed it up and they were just in time at the start…not a moment too soon.

The favourite Team Oud / Luijckx lived up to their expectations. Their victory was based on a strong physical and technical performance, good navigational skills and a feeling for the race. Mission accomplished.

Ollie Lloyd has gained first position in the motobike amateur groupe. Today was just a great day for the Team Gilges / Stricker because they managed to win the stage. Team Kleer / Kleer are normally in first position. But today they didn’t have a good run. They are in 13th position of the daily results. But there are still three days left.

All of these competitors missed absolutely no checkpoints. Many ot the others have lost their positions having not been so lucky finding the secret checkpoints. We started at a place where a hero of the future was born. Tatooine and Luke Skywalker’s house was just 200 meters from the start. A good place for service teams. You saw your drivers climbing the first dune, then you had time to visit the Star Wars village.

Meantime, the drivers crossed the Star Wars dunes within a roughly 100 kilometre long circuit. A combination of sandy pistes and off-road sections. At about half way there were the big dunes of Nefta. Easy for motorbikes but difficult for cars. The secret checkpoints planner knew this situation. They drove or walked exactly to each GPS point.

The circuit ended again in the dunes beside Star Wars village. During the pre-tour, this stage was our favourite.

Tuareg Rally 2013- day 3: Gafsa – Nefta

bron: Tuareg-Live: Gafsa – Nefta

The shortest day of the Rallye. The Shat al Gtar is a dry lake and was the start of today’s stage. The stage began fast but became slower and slower. The smooth ground and the wide curves were fun. But we hope you didn’t drive too fast. Navigation became more difficult. If you we’re too fast you certainly missed the correct junctions several times. If the Roadbook said “drive slow”, we hope you followed our advice.

Between CP1 and CP2 there was the longest road section of the Tuareg Rallye, 30 Kilometres.

The second part of today passed the Chott el Rharsa at it’s South side. This side is where you found the offroad playground. We hope you didn’t play too long and lost time. We said “don’t jump” so we hope you didn’t. And we said that “the hard dunes have a soft side” and now you know we meant it!. You’ll have appreciated these words if you managed to pass this section.

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 1: Lost Places

bron: Tuareg-Live: Lost Places

An expedition to forgotten places. They’re near, but most we’re not aware of them. The Rallye started in Le Mans style. Within a few minutes they knew the real meaning of soft dunes. CP1 wasn’t far, but 6 km was a long way in the dunes. At CP1 it was easy to drive back to the hotel. But if you didn’t give up, the next change was at CP2 and CP3, which was by the lake in the desert. At that point half of the stage was done, but then the real soft dunes followed. The day ended by the ruins of the lost city. The Pro’s did this twice, but the second round was different to the first.

Mark Smith won this spectacular first stage through the really soft dunes in the motorbike prof category, followed by Oscar Polli only five minutes behind, closely followed by Gwen Backx. In the amateuer group Gintautas Igaris is the lucky winner. The priority of this stage was the dune-riding…you have to go for it or you will go down – sink or swim!

In the car category Team Machacek is on pole position. He did a fabulous race with perfect navigation and clever dune-reading. Followed by Team Tosenovsky and Lipponen/Riihimäki in third place. In the amateur group Team Kleer came in first.

The truck battled through and got there in the end. 82 of 103 riders in the motorbike prof category managed to complete the stage; in the amateur group 22 out of 36 riders. In the car prof category 19 out of 22; in the amateur group 15 out of 16 cars. All the competitors out there know what these riders/drivers achieved today!