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Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: Polytimi’s report

Last day of the race today only 40 klm and my motorbike is running out of water. The mechanic suggested me not to start because it would be to risky for my bike. I decided to go on because I couldn’t miss the final stage. So I stopped several times to fill up with water and I finally succeed to reach the end.


Final results third woman and 27th overall!!!! I am so happy!!! Many thanks to Guillaume Martens and MACAD | RNS team and to all my sponsors for helping me live my dream…


The reward for my efforts…

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 7: The Final Dune Race

The fantastic last Stage was short, but the competitors had to climb a huge dune and the motobike pro’s an extra lake crossing. Really nice scenery for the final…
The Tuareg Rallye is famous for it’s dune climbing. But where were the dunes motorbikes are unable to climb? We don’t know. And so we changed the roll. Dune climbing this year was for the car drivers. The camera-crew was there! The roughly 2 hour long stage ended near the lake we passed on the first day. But you didn’t have to pass it, you had to cross it! Not a good idea for amateurs, so they drove directly from CP2 to the finish.

The final race after high noon was the last stage of the Tuareg Rallye 2013 and it ended with a show finish in the Oasis of the Hotel Sahara Douz.

Congrats to all the winners !!!

Motobike Pro:
1. Mark Smits 22:32 h
2. Ned Suesse 23:08 h
3. Kim de Rycker 23:54 h

Car Pro :
1. Koepp/Klein 23:46 h
2. Krüger/Kreiß 24:55 h
3. Ingels/Cornette 26:29 h

Motobike Amateur:
1. Luca Saporiti 15:52 h
2. Gintautas Igaris 16:14 h
3. Raffaele Bacchi 16:44 h

Car Amateur:
1. Gilges/Stricker 17:50 h
2. Kleer/Kleer 19:04 h
3. Della Barbera/Simechalle 19:10 h

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 6: Douz – Matmata – Douz

Mark Smits won this stage in a fabulous time of 5:56 hours. He kept his cool and rose to the challenge from the very first day of the rallye. Second in this stage was Martin Fontyn (15 minutes after the stage winner) with Ondrej Klymciw coming in third (12 minutes behind Martin).
Ollie Lloyd wins the motorbike amateur category with a lead of 15 minutes over Luca Saporiti.

In the car pro category Team Krüger/Kreiß was in first position. He did a fabulous race with perfect navigation. Followed by Team Koepp/Klein in second place only 7 minutes behind. Team Danner/Zettl didn’t finished due to a technical problem.

The first place in the amateur groupe was taken by Team Della Barbara/Simechalle with a racing time of 6 hours 23 minutes and an advantage of 13 minutes over Team Gilges/Stricker. There is one day left and the pressure cranks up a notch.

The whole day was a special…270 k’s under the pressure of the very soft dunes, a long qued and tricky navigation …

This round stage was a mixture of dunes, sandy queds, dunes, sandy qued… until CP2.

Enough dunes! A stage through the Dahar Mountains was the next section. Bir Soltane marked the beginning of a long sandy qued section. Every 10 minutes you learned a new skill of how to find the best way. And we hope you didn’t assume that the vehicle in front of you had selected the best one.

At CP4 the stage ended for the amateurs. Pro’s drove through dunes and sandy pistes to Douz. Depending on your dune driving skills, this was maybe a long long day.

Pech voor Guillaume Martens in de Tuareg Rally in Tunesie.

geschreven door Philippe Lejeune

Na zijn verrassende tweede plaats in de Afrika Race vertrok Guillaume Martens uit Meersen vol goede moed naar Tunesië voor zijn volgende rally. Die verliep dit keer minder voorspoedig. Het begon met een val op de tweede trainingsdag.

Halverwege de eerste etappe lag hij nog op een 5e plaats toen de pechduivel voor de tweede keer toesloeg. Tijdens het oversteken van een meertje ging het mis. Guillaume’s motor stopte ermee en wilde ook niet meer starten. Met de hulp van een bevriende truck crew lukte het hem na 90 lange minuten tenslotte de motor weer aan de praat te krijgen en de etappe te beëindigen. Dit betekende wel een gedeelde laatste plaats in het dagklassement.


Een gemist controle punt in een snelle 2e etappe betekende weer tijdverlies. Een tragisch ongeluk tijdens deze etappe waarbij de ervaren Engelsman Wesley Beane het leven verloor leidde ertoe dat de 3e dag van de rally werd verreden zonder tijdmeting.

Kort na het begin van de 4e etappe ging het wederom mis voor Martens. Na ongeveer 5 km, bij een passeermanoeuvre op een langzame deelnemer maakte hij een flinke klapper. Hierbij brak hij zijn linker pols. Verder rijden was niet meer mogelijk en hij moest opgeven.


Maar geen frustraties en ook geen teleurstelling bij Guillaume Martens. Hij kijkt alweer vooruit naar de volgende rally’s. Op zijn eigen Facebook-pagina zegt hij in ieder geval heel tevreden te zijn met zijn snelheid en dat hij er alles aan gaat doen om nog beter voorbereid aan de start van de Africa Race 2014 te verschijnen.

Tuareg Rally 2013 – day 6: Guillaume’s reports

I slept very well. No frustration. No disappointment. I’m very proud that the driving was going very well, in the sometimes very difficult terrain, which is not easy with the heavy 690RFR. I always filled up to maximum, so the conditions where harder then when filling up only half.

After having so much penalties on the first competition day, this race became a preparation for the next Africa Race (AER). The navigation at the Tuareg rally btw is totally different from the AER. My main goal for this year is PHARAONS rally and AER 2014. I will try to start training in motocross and enduro. To get better in navigation, I will do some eastern Europe rallies (Hellas, maybe to early, Albania & Serres of course).

The accident I had was just a little unlucky, because the guy in front of me was driving slow and he suddenly went of his line, so the only way around him was driving over a camel grass hump. With about 80km/h and a fully loaded bike (36 liters gas on board) it was not possible to tame the bike. It was kicking like a wild horse, so I made a nice hi-sider and landed on my chest and helmet eating some sand & dust. Took me only 2 second to get on my feed, so I thought everything is OK. After driving on for another 3 km I noticed that my hand was not having enough power to occupy the clutch handle. I stopped, took of my left glove and yes: my hand was swollen quet a bit, I was not able to hold on the handle bar in a proper way, so I had to return to the start.

After that it took a long time to get photos in the hospital in Douz and the rally doctors told me that my bone needs a little operation to put it back in place. So next week I will visit my doctor in Switzerland.